“A Producer’s success, is Centrol’s success.”

– Ben Prusa, Director of Precision Ag


Soil sampling with Centrol is a great way to discover if soil fertility is a yield-limiting factor in your fields. Determining a field’s soil fertility allows the grower to manage inputs more effectively. A Centrol agronomist will meet with you & give a recommendation on which method of soil sampling & soil tests are best for each of your fields.

Centrol offers a full turn-key solution that starts with soil sampling & ends with a prescription. Work with an unbiased, trained agronomist that has your best interest in mind when creating variable rate fertilizer prescriptions. Automatically put macronutrients & micronutrients where they are needed. We have 15 years of experience & are invested in making sure your prescription files work whether the spreading is done yourself or through a fertilizer retailer.

Management Zone Creation + vARIABLE rATE PLANTING

Creating management zones that group similar field characteristics allows for inputs to be used more effectively. Data from Veris carts, multiple years of yield data, high resolution imagery, elevation & soil data are tools that Centrol consultants use to create zones with different growth & fertility needs. Centrol consultants don’t stop there. Results from these sources are also backed up by ground truthing & interacting with growers to make sure results from Precision Ag data match what is happening in the field. Contact a local consultant to learn more about the many uses of management zones.

Manage seed costs and maximize yields by putting the right hybrid in the right place at the right rate. Variable Rate Planting is especially effective when combined with unbiased seed recommendations. If your planter/tractor combo can variable rate, Centrol can make the prescription file.

Data Discovery

Time to put your farm data to work. Dust off yield and planting cards or link into the latest wireless data transfer. Centrol provides recommendations assisted by data analytics software to make decisions on what to plant and what products to use.

Nitrogen Management

Centrol can use management zones and soil testing to variable rate nitrogen across the field. Growers receive recommendations on timing and application rates. Consultants monitor rainfall, weather patterns & crop conditions for possible nitrogen needs. Centrol also excels in providing intense nitrogen soil sampling for specialty crops such as sugar beets.

Imagery Services

Centrol has access to high-resolution satellite & aerial imagery for viewing field health, spatially defining the size of known issues or finding trends in the fields using sensors before they are visible to the naked eye. Centrol is equipped to handle your imagery needs.

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