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“Sound agronomic stewardship to maximize growers’ return on investment.”

– Ken Franzky, Agronomy Services Manager


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Crop Planning

Help you identify the best agronomic practices to maximize return on investment:

  • Crop rotations
    • Seed selection & placement
    • Tillage systems
    • Cover crop integration
  • Yield analysis
  • Crop nutrient management
    • Soil sampling​
    • Fertilizer & manure recommendations
  • Variable rate input prescriptions & application files

crop monitoring

This is the foundation of Centrol’s business. 

  • Cost effective pest management decisions
  • Regular on-farm visits during the growing season
  • Cultural or chemical recommendations for weeds, insects & disease control
  • Field specific record keeping
  • Irrigation management

Soil Testing Services

Soil testing tailored to your goals.

  • Grid sampling
  • Zone sampling
  • Conventional sampling
  • Soil health sampling
  • Nitrate testing
  • Contracted soil sampling for retailers/co-ops

Additional Services

  • Custom agricultural consulting
  • Diagnostic consulting
  • Seed variety certification
  • Weed resistance determination
  • Pesticide residue testing
  • Plant tissue testing
  • Contract in-field trials

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