“Centrol Crop Insurance: Integrating Agronomy and Insurance Decisions.”

– Matt Weller, Crop Insurance Agent

In-Depth CROP insurance Consultation

Meeting with your personal Centrol Crop consultant & our Centrol Crop Insurance experts prior to the March 15 crop insurance deadline.

  • Your consultant understands your operation & land better than anyone else! This includes:
    • Seed selection & trait selection
    • Crop rotation
    • High producing or lower producing farms
    • Pattern tiled farms vs. poorly drained farms
    • Tillage practices
  • Increased efficiencies:
    • Put your data to work for you with precision reporting for crop insurance
      • Use monitor data for acreage & production reporting
        • Centrol collects this data already
        • Seamless acreage reporting
    • GPS mapping available when needed

Multiperil crop insurance (Federal Crop)

Full coverage for:

  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Small Grains
  • Sugar Beets
  • Sweet Corn
  • Edible Beans

Crop wind insurance policy

  • Green Snap Coverage
  • Extra Harvest Exposure (EHE) – coverage for fallen stalks prior to harvest
  • Ears on the Ground – coverage for corn that the combine is unable to pick up
  • Your Centrol consultant will accompany adjuster to field when there is a wind claim.

Crop hail insurance policy

  • Hail coverage for all crops
  • Hail Production Plan (HPP)
  • Your Centrol consultant will accompany adjuster to field when there is a hail claim.

other Private products

  • Added Price Option (APO) – adds a percentage of the spring price in case of a production loss
  • Replant – add coverage for replanting above your multiperil coverage

Meet our CROP insurance agents!

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