Knowledge Yields Success

Our Mission

Centrol is a crop consulting company whose sole purpose is to maximize yields, increase grower profitability & improve environmental sustainability. We do this by working closely with our customers & giving unbiased recommendations for the growers’ & environment’s benefit.

Our consultants do not sell any products, only great service.

Our Story

Centrol was started in 1979, serving growers in Minnesota, South Dakota & Iowa. Centrol is set apart from other agricultural consulting firms because we do not sell products, just services. We pride ourselves on being an unbiased, trustworthy team. With over 600 combined years of experience from our 50 consultants, the combined knowledge of our Centrol network will become your greatest asset. Centrol’s in-depth crop monitoring program & precision ag services will lead you & your farm to increased, long-term productivity & profitability.

Our Core Values

Believe in Agriculture

Have an impact on the present & future of agriculture

Farmers are the purpose of our work

Listen for farmer needs

Promote Loyalty

Be loyal to the Centrol mission

Maintain company confidences

Maintain grower confidence

Build Self-Esteem

Each consultant is a manager of his or her own area

Promote a sense of achievement

Maintain a positive attitude

Respect the individual

Commit To Excellence

Maintain a top professional image

Further training & education

Provide quality service

Utilize the network

Be goal-driven

Promote Teamwork

Grow only as fast as we can effectively manage

Encourage open communication

Believe in people

Help each other

Commit To High Ethical Standards

Adhere to the NAICC & ARCPACS code of ethics

Fulfill our responsibilities to growers

Provide unbiased recommendations


  • 1979 – Centrol was founded, 1st office in Morris, MN (name combined CENEX & Control Data)

  • 1982 – Whole farm programs began

  • 1983 – Centrol office opened in Cottonwood, MN

  • 1985 – Centrol reached 1 million acres across 13 Centrol offices in 6 different states

  • 1989 – First grid soil samples were taken

  • 1992 – Bought first extended cab & started using computers in the pickup with a field secretary

  • 2003 – Cottonwood office merged with Morris office

    2003 – 20 consultants + 2 office staff

  • 2004 – Bryan Smith became general manager

  • 2010 – Centrol office moved to Marshall, MN

  • 2013 – Precision Ag Department was added

    2013 – Environmental Services Department was added

  • 2018 – Engineering Department was added

  • 2020 – Crop Insurance Department was added

  • 2022 – 50 consultants + 30 other staff